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2nd January 2019
Mr Roy Phillips - Who's the Fella next to You?

16th January 2019
Mr Andy Firth - Signs of the Times (Updated)

6th February 2019
Dr George Clark - The Boer Wars

20th February 2019
Mrs Pauline Burnett - Tenants & Workers of Abbeydale Forge

6th March 2019
Mrs Anne Marples - Is the Modern World Killing Us?

20th March 2019
Mr Mike Ogden - The Seed of Kings

3rd April 2019
Mrs Elizabeth Holloway - Off the Boats

17th April 2019
Mr John Taylor - Curiosities of Derbyshire and Lincolnshire 2

1st May 2019
AGM - Start at 09:45 followed by
Mr Mike Hodkins - The Life of a Fireman

15th May 2019
Sheffield's Forgotten Blitz

5th June 2019
Mr Ian Larkin - Canadian Rockies and Alaska

19th June 2019
Mr Tony Jackson - My Bucket List